Keith is bringing a new feel to Pop Surrealism by not only creating art for the eyes but for the touch as well. Introducing a new form of artwork geared towards those willing to embrace the new and shape the way our culture sees 2D works.

 The unspoken rule of any piece of art is that no one should ever touch it or step to close to its canvas. However, these pieces not only break that rule, they warrant the viewer to touch them. It is creating a one on one experience between the piece and the viewer unlike any painting before it’s time.

 Although one man made these works, anyone who touches these pieces will in essence contribute to its everlasting development and history.


Keith earned his Bachelors of Arts in Fine Arts in 2012 and his MBA in 2014 at Fairleigh Dickinson Univeristy. He lives and works in the Geater New York City Area and welcomes prospective projects and from around the world.